What are Screening X-Rays For?


At Ayr Family Dental, proper diagnosis and treatment of your tooth and gum problems starts with understanding everything there is to know about your oral health. Like an investigator working on an important case, we piece together information about your teeth and gums to have a clear picture of what we are working with.

That’s where screening x-rays come in.

Screening x-rays help us see areas of your mouth that would otherwise not be seen in a routine physical examination. Because there are parts of your teeth and gums that are blocked from view, screening x-rays allow us to go deeper into those areas without having to cause any discomfort to our patient.

As soon as your screening is done, we study the results and learn important clues about your dental health such as tooth growth patterns and unseen areas of the tooth that may be damaged by tooth decay. We then come up with a proper dental treatment plan for you based on the findings of your physical examination and x-ray screening.

Screening x-rays are also important in preventing dental problems from worsening. A small crack in the tooth, for example, can be seen in x-ray results and can be corrected before it causes serious damage to your oral health.

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