Root Canal

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatments used to be one of the least favorite procedures of dental patients. There was a widespread idea that this can be painful and had unfortunately stopped a lot of people experiencing dental pain from seeking proper treatment from a dentist.

Contrary to popular belief, however, a root canal treatment will, in fact, relieve the symptoms of pain and swelling and save your tooth from further damage.

So what exactly is a root canal treatment? Simply put, a root canal treatment is the removal of any infected tissue inside the tooth to prevent it from infecting healthy tissue around it and destroying the tooth altogether. The inside of the tooth is then cleaned to rid it of infection-causing bacteria then sealed to prevent any further damage to the tooth.

While having an infected root canal may not show any symptoms, things to watch out for are tooth sensitivity, discolored teeth, and toothache.

Why should I get a root canal treatment at Ayr Family Dental?

At Ayr Family Dental, your comfort is of utmost importance to us. Our team of friendly dental health professionals will give you nothing less than the safest and gentlest dental care possible. Because we pride ourselves in treating our patients like family, you can expect that this procedure is done in a safe and comfortable environment where you will be put at ease.

Based on your dental needs and preferences which we are happy to listen to, we will create the right treatment plan that’s best for you and your teeth.

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