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Amalgam Removal

You must have already seen them. There’s a chance you may even have them. We’re talking about amalgam fillings, and there is much debate about this one.

What are amalgam fillings?

Amalgam fillings are a mixture of metals that include mercury. Other metals found in the mixture are silver, tin, and copper. These are used to fill in tooth cavities that may otherwise become bigger or get infected. Because they are made of metal, amalgam fillings are durable and are used in particular to fill bigger cavities such as those that can be found in molars.

Should you have them taken out?

While there has been no conclusive evidence stating that amalgam fillings are toxic, some patients prefer to have them taken out for health and aesthetic reasons. You can opt to have your amalgam fillings substituted with a resin compound that covers and seals your cavities just as well and blends seamlessly with your tooth color and texture.

Is it a safe procedure?

At Ayr Family Dental, we follow safety protocols for every procedure we do. Because we want you to feel better about your smile, helping you become more confident by giving you safer and gentler dental options is a must for our dentist Dr. Pawan at Ayr Family Dental.

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