Dental Fillings

One of the dentistry services at Ayr Family Dental is treatment of tooth cavities with dental fillings. This is done by our dentist, Dr. Pawan, who is known in the Ayr community for his friendly and caring approach to his patients. At Ayr Family Dental, getting a dental filling is done in a safe and gentle environment where your comfort is important.

Should you get a dental filling?

A dental filling is needed when a cavity appears in the tooth. This happens when the tooth enamel gets eroded which then leads the tooth to weaken and become susceptible to decay. If left untreated, the damaged tooth can develop a hole, or cavity, that can worsen and destroy the whole tooth altogether.

Composite Fillings

Your options

At Ayr Family Dental, we use resin compound fillings to treat tooth cavities. Unlike amalgam fillings that use a mixture of metals and do not completely seal the tooth, resin compound fillings bond well with your teeth color and texture. They are also used by our patients for health reasons. While no conclusive evidence has been found linking amalgam fillings to toxicity, some patients opt to have their amalgam fillings removed then substituted with resin compound fillings because they believe them to be safer.

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